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Christchurch, NZ
Theatre-style larp

Phoenix is a larp convention in New Zealand. It ran for the first time in September 2014.

Initially Phoenix ran at at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, NZ. The non-residential nature of the con restricted it to theatre-style games. In 2017 Phoenix shifted to a residential format using the Glenroy Lodge in Hororata, allowing it to offer outdoor and live-combat games. In 2018 it changed its venue again, to the Waipara Adventure Centre in North Canterbury.

Phoenix is supported by SAGA.


Larps run at Phoenix 2017

Name Country Run by
Longest Night NZ Quentin Bourne
Baby It’s Cold Outside NZ Carla Bayard
Happily Never After NZ Lee Patrick
Pretending to Be Witty NZ Brendon Bennetts
The Paragon’s Peril NZ Daniel Starky
The Omega Delivery UK
Jane Austen’s "Emma" NZ Malcolm Harbrow
Fool’s Gambit NZ Matt Swain
The Beginner’s Guide to Buying and Selling Haunted Items NZ Chloe Sutherland
LARPs on Demand NZ Rachel Hannover O'Connor
Persephone’s Choice NZ Malcolm Harbrow
The Final Voyage of the SS Prometheus NZ Samantha Nicholls
It Ain’t Easy Being Gilled NZ Jennifer Hay
S.W.I.P.E. NZ Ciaran Searle
Small Town Folks UK Sally Hayes

Larps run at Phoenix 2016

Name Country Run by
Like There's No Tomorrow NZ Chloe Sutherland and Robert Vincent
Gaslight NZ Lee Patrick
Plan Eight From Outer Space USA Mutu Thompson
Molecules NZ Ana Clarke
The Koenig Dead UK
LARP on Demand NZ Rackle
The Hunt for Excalibur NZ Samantha Nicholls
T.R.Y.S.T. NZ Ciaran Searle
Argonautica NZ Chloe Sutherland
A Pomposity of Professors NZ Stuart Stoddart
The Tribunal Norway Quentin Bourne
Inheritance USA Malcolm Harbrow
The Paragon's Peril NZ Daniel Starky
All the President's Zombies USA Keegan Meiklejohn
A Bite Out of Crime NZ Lee Patrick
Boffo's Birthday Bash NZ Malcolm Harbrow
Sarabande Denmark Ciarán Searle

Larps run at Phoenix 2015

Name Country Run by
The Linfarn Run UK
Trial by Jury NZ Lee Patrick
No Room Left NZ Keegan Meiklejohn
Vamps 2: Milton Keynes NZ Robert Vincent
Boats Against the Current NZ Quentin Bourne
European Social Psychics Association NZ Ciarán Searle
Henchmen NZ Quentin Bourne
The Gehenna Memo NZ Malcolm Harbrow
Call of the Wild Hunt Ireland Sam Nicholls and Robert Vincent
Sitcom Houseparty NZ John Massey
Argonautica NZ Quentin Bourne

Larps run at Phoenix 2014

Name Country Run by
Vamps NZ Robert Vincent
LARPs on Demand NZ Angus Dingwall
LARP Dungeon Crawl NZ Quentin Bourne
Before and After the Silence Norway Angus Dingwall
The Lotus NZ Lee Patrick and Quentin Bourne
Service USA Jan-Yves Ruzicka
A Dead Man's Chest UK Quentin Bourne
The Tribute NZ Bruno Knewstubb

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