The Omega Delivery

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The Omega Delivery

Science fiction
4 hours
Number of participants
8 to 14
Tony Mitton

The Omega Delivery Dead is a 14-player theatre-style science fiction larp by Tony Mitton, based loosely on Firefly. The game has been frequently run in the USA, UK and New Zealand, and is a regular at Intercon and Consequences.[1]

The game is a sequel to The Linfarn Run and The Koenig Dead and forms part of a series informally known as the "Kestrel saga". Other games in the series include The Kouros Intercept, The Constanta Blockade and The Markov Solution.


Lucky Federal Investigation Office agents get some great postings. Maybe they’ll travel the galaxy hunting down Freedom Alliance terrorists; seduce co-eds with heroic tales whilst on the milk round; bravely protect Federation citizens from gangster scum; or get close protection duty for a retired President living in luxury on a Greek island.

Unlucky - or out of favour - FIO agents get assignments like Omega Station. It’s in the middle of nowhere. There’s nothing to do; and - with the base’s long-term inhabitants theoretically off limits - nobody to talk to save a few similarly out of favour colleagues.

Really unlucky FIO agents end up somewhere like Omega in a situation like this one. Why worry the base is going to go nuclear in five hours, when you’ll be dead from CO2 poisoning in less than two? And why is the beaten-up freighter just arriving with your regular delivery - and perhaps rescue - not the ship you were expecting?

The Omega Delivery is a fairly downbeat science-fiction game loosely based on an increasingly-distant Joss Whedon TV show. It is set in the Linfarn Universe and a semi-sequel to The Koenig Dead, although no knowledge of previous games is required or expected.


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