The Gehenna Memo

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The Gehenna Memo

Number of players
How long it runs
4 hours
Date written
Malcolm Harbrow
The Gehenna Memo

The Gehenna Memo is a 4-hour theatre-style larp which mixes the occult horror of the Cthulhu mythos with WWII codebreakers, inspired by the novel ENIGMA and the "Laundry" stories of Charles Stross. It has been run in New Zealand and the UK.[1]

The game uses decryption of simple ciphers as mechanics for magical research and translation and relies on extensive use of in-game documents to reveal story.


Bletchley Park - the most secret place in the British war effort. Five thousand boffins and debs work on cracking German codes. The resulting intelligence, code-named ULTRA, is so secret that entire cities have been sacrificed to protect it.

But there are secrets here even darker than ULTRA.

While the staff of Bletchley are discouraged from talking about their work, everyone knows that There Is No Hut 13. The eyes just slide off it. And in that gap in people's minds, the Research Section of Special Operations Executive division 3 - also known as the "Laundry" - works on countering Hitler's magical war effort. Officially, their job is to research the implications of the newly-discovered Dee-Turing theorem and its applications to the war effort. In practice, they're the crisis team. And the crises just keep on coming. Byakhee night-fighters, oneiromantic debriefing, glamoured infiltrators - the mathematicians, old-school sorcerers, and computers of the Research Section have found solutions to them all.

And now they have a new crisis: REVELATION. The Nazis are close to completing their secret Wannsee Invocation, and the latest intelligence is that if they are successful, they will win the war in a matter of months. The Research Section needs to come up with a strategic response, and fast. But the cost of winning the war may very well be destroying the world...

THE GEHENNA MEMO is a larp of bureaucracy, sorcery, espionage, and Lovecraftian horror for 13 players, inspired by The Atrocity Archives and ENIGMA. Expected play time is four hours.


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