The Linfarn Run

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The Linfarn Run

Science fiction
4 hours
Number of participants
7 to 11
Tony Mitton and AJ Smith

The Linfarn Run is an 11-player theatre-style science fiction larp by Tony Mitton and AJ Smith, based loosely on Firefly. The game has been frequently run in the USA, UK and New Zealand, and is a regular at Intercon and Consequences.[1]

The game has spawned a series of sequels, informally known as the "Kestrel saga," including The Koenig Dead, The Omega Delivery, The Kouros Intercept, The Constanta Blockade and The Markov Solution. It has also resulted in a spinoff game, Small World.


Five years after the War, thousands of unregistered light freighters ply their trade on the edges of controlled space. Kestrel is just one such craft, taking a few passengers and various small cargo loads from Bethesda to Linfarn. It's just another routine trip; just another pay-day.

The Linfarn Run is a small, fairly serious science fiction game very loosely inspired by a recent Joss Whedon TV show, although no prior knowledge of this show is expected or required. Characters will be the crew of Kestrel and passengers for the trip to Linfarn.


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