Small Town Folks

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Small Town Folks

60's small town drama
Number of players
How long it runs
3 hours
Date written
Tracy Bose, Rob Harris, Mo Holkar, Tony Mitton, Mike Snowden and Cat Tobin
Small Town Folks

Small Town Folks is a 12-player theatre-style larp published by Peaky Games. The larp is a straight domestic drama, dealing with personal relationships and Cold War paranoia. It has been run in the UK and in New Zealand.[1]


Macy, Nebraska, 1962 - a small town like any other. But when the hurricane approaches, twelve people are trapped in an underground bunker. As the storm rages overhead, tensions rise, secrets spill, and long-buried rivalries erupt. If they survive the tempest, the lives of these small-town folks will never be the same again...


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