Plan Eight From Outer Space

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Plan Eight From Outer Space

SF comedy
Number of players
How long it runs
2 hours
Date written
Mike Young
Plan Eight From Outer Space

Plan Eight From Outer Space is a science fiction comedy larp for 8 players by Mike Young. It is widely run, with Larp Resume recording at least fifteen runs across the USA.[1] The game is unusual in that its game documentation and character sheets are distributed as a Powerpoint presentation, with each "character sheet" consisting of separate notes to the presentation slides.

It is published by Interactivities Ink‏‎.


The People of Earth are stupid! They have the capacity to build a device which could destroy the Universe. We are part of this universe and must stop them. But how... Plan Eight is a two-hour rules light humorous LARP featuring the post-mortem of the failed plan eight, and the planning meeting for the (now famous) plan nine - think Ed Wood meets Dilbert!


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