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Hamilton, New Zealand
Mixed larping
Jared Hansen

Medusa is a larp convention in New Zealand. It ran for the first time in November, 2014, at Hardy Hall in Hamilton, NZ. The lineup was all theatre-style but the venue supports outdoor live-combat games as well and these are expected to run in future years.

Medusa is supported by NZLARPS.


  • Medusa 2014 (November 28 - 30, 2014). Flagship: Breakout Day
  • Medusa 2015 (November 20 - 22, 2015). Flagship: Sanctuary
  • Medusa 2016 (September 16 - 18, 2016). Flagship: The Storm

Larps run at Medusa 2016

Name Country Run by
Southern Seas NZ Naomi Guyer
All the President's Zombies USA Lee Patrick
Sufficiently Advanced Technologies USA? Jared Hansen
Dance of the Desert NZ Chloe Bruce
The Storm NZ Quentin Bourne
Today's special: Tyranny NZ Daniel Carleton
Shell Beach NZ Jenni Sands

Larps run at Medusa 2015

Name Country Run by
The Marquis of Galatone NZ Gareth Hawken
The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon: The LARP! NZ Jenni Sands
The Other Gods NZ Brad Thompson
The Soap and the Opera NZ Daniel Carleton, Saskia van Well, Serena Mclean
Blood and Iron NZ Kirk Jacinto
Sanctuary NZ Naomi Guyer
Diamonds and Coal USA Alastair Kirkby and Jordan Henare

Medusa 2015 also hosted one-off sessions for the Fallout: Dead Zealand and Sabbat: Edge of Extinction campaigns.

Larps run at Medusa 2014

Name Country Run by
Bad Dreams: Murder Ballads NZ Ivan (Vanya) Essin
Supervillains of 1929: Auction in the Sky NZ Brad Thompson and Glenn Patel
Welcome to Sunny Valley NZ Cheryl Frederick
LARP at a Funeral NZ Ellen Boucher
Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow NZ Prema Cottingham
Today's special is...Hostages NZ Daniel Carleton
Breakout Day NZ Anna Klein
The Seven Deadly Virtues NZ Daena Schofield, Sarah Daymond and Jonathan Trevarthen

Medusa 2014 also hosted a market and a panel on the differences between New Zealand and Swedish larp hosted by a pair of visiting Swedish larpers.

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