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New Zealand Live Action Role Playing Society Inc

New Zealand
Mixed larp
17 February 2006

The New Zealand Live Action Role Playing Society Inc (NZLARPS) is a larp organisation in New Zealand. It is a non-profit incorporated society with the purpose of "encourag[ing] and promot[ing] in New Zealand the organisation and playing of all genres of live action role-playing games without restriction".[1] It provides funding and gear to larps in New Zealand, promotes larp to the public, and supports four larp conventions: Chimera, Hydra, Cerberus, and Medusa, as well as numerous campaigns.


NZLARPS was founded by participants in the Mordavia campaign in Auckland. An initial discussion in July 2005 near the end of the campaign found support for a general larp organisation to support not just Mordavia, but other larps as well. The aim from the beginning was to support all types of games and to share the assets and knowledge built up during the Mordavia campaign.[2] An initial general meeting was held on 1 February 2006,[3] and the society was officially incorporated on 17 February 2006.[4]

NZLARPS was initially restricted to Auckland, and supported numerous small campaigns as well as the final sessions of Mordavia. In 2008 it ran the first Chimera, New Zealand's first dedicated larp convention. From 2007 - 2010 it supported St Wolfgang's Vampire Hunters, which attracted a national audience. After gaining a large number of members outside of Auckland, it adopted a regional structure in 2010 and established a chapter in Wellington. It continued to support campaigns such as Teonn (2010 - 13), Dreams in the Witch House (2011 - 13), Musketeers (2016-), Saga (2017-), and various Mind's Eye Theatre campaigns, as well as theatre-style games in Wellington and Auckland.

NZLARPS currently has chapters in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and the South Island.


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