Dystopia Rising

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Dystopia Rising

Sparta, NJ, USA
Post-zombie apocalypse
Michael Pucci, Ashley Zdeb
Dystopia Rising

Dystopia Rising is a post-apocalyptic live-combat larp franchise based in the USA. It has thirteen chapters across the United States and Canada, with another two scheduled to launch in 2015.


Dystopia Rising is set "four generations" after a zombie apocalypse caused a global nuclear war.[1] The participants play the mutated and infected descendents of the survivors, struggling to survive against the walking dead and each other. A typical chapter portrays a small settlement of survivors.

The setting has been expanded on by novels and a table-top role-playing game.[2]


Dystopia Rising uses a race, class and skill-based system. Characters choose a race ("strain") and class ("profession") granting basic attributes and abilities, then customize by purchasing skills off their skills lists.[3] Skills grant various special abilities or the ability to use different types of weapons and armour.

Combat uses lightest-touch live-combat with latex weapons. Missile weapons are represented by nerf guns and packet archery.


Dystopia Rising shares a single campaign setting across its network. Characters are able to visit different regions, interact with them, and trade resources. Current chapters include:

  • Dystopia Rising: Southern California (Corona, CA)
  • Dystopia Rising: Colorado (Denver, CO)
  • Dystopia Rising: Florida (High Springs, FL)
  • Dystopia Rising: Hawaii (Ohau, HI)
  • Dystopia Rising: Indiana (Greenfield, IN)
  • Dystopia Rising Massachusetts (Charlton, MA)
  • Dystopia Rising: New Jersey (the original chapter in Sparta, NJ)
  • Dystopia Rising: North (Utopia, Ontario, Canada)
  • Dystopia Rising: Oregon (Cheshire, OR)
  • Dystopia Rising: Pennsyltucky (Petersburg, PA)
  • Dystopia Rising: Lone Star (Belton, TX)
  • Dystopia Rising: Virginia (Goochland, VA)
  • Dystopia Rising: Washington (Belfair, WA)

The campaign also has national events. Between 2010 and 2014 it hosted a major annual event known as DeathCon. This grew from 180 to 800 people. From 2015 onwards DeathCon has been replaced with two regional events: "Uprise" and "Downfall", hosted in spring and autumn respectively.[4]


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