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Ultimately larping is about people, and it's inevitable that sooner or later we'll need to talk about the people behind the games, organizations, events and more on the wiki as a part of exploring and noting our hobby’s history. This includes those who have had an impact on the hobby nationally, regionally and locally.

Because the world of Larping is so large and it's hard to know who has had what influence in what part of the hobby in a given location, this policy will be refraining from defining who gets a page. Rather it is to define how biography and user pages should be approached and handled.

This policy will be modified as the need dictates.

General page information

This section is more of a reminder as to what a complete page should include or look like and what happens to incomplete/stub pages.

If a page template is available the page should be using it. Not only does this help keep a uniform look throughout the wiki, it also makes it easier to input an entry since it provides fill-in-the-blank areas for most of the pertinant information.

If a template should and is being used, then the placeholder content needs to be replaced with content relevant to the entry and more than a sentence or two in other areas of the page.

If a template isn't available, then is there more than a sentence or two on the page (is there some "meat" on the page) that actually gives the reader some kind of information on the subject beyond name, a possible link and a quick and dirty description.

Please use the dicussion tabs on each page to discuss a page and its content. Please be sure to check discussion tabs you have commented on to see if other people have replied to your remarks.

If a page lacks basic information, the page template has not been filled in, or the entry is just a vague and general sentence or two with perhaps a link off site it will be marked a stub. If a page is marked a stub and is not addressed within a reasonable amount of time (at least a couple of weeks) it will be marked for removal. This is to keep the wiki clear of un-utilized pages and "dead weight."

Should a page be removed due to lack of information (or any information on it) it may be re-created later. Re-created pages fall under the same rules.

Non user or biography pages

It is okay to write about a game, organization, convention, book, blog, paper, etc. that you are in or a part of since there are other people within the same game, organization, convention, etc. or who likely have access to the book, blog, paper, etc. that can help edit and provide objectivity on the topic and help keep self-promotion and bias out while keeping credible information intact. Likewise all wiki users can edit any wiki pages as needed to help rememdy bias or self-promotion within an entry. Personal and user pages fall under different rules outlined in the sections below.

User pages

Every user by default has their own page. It's accessible by clicking on your username where ever it's found on the wiki. If there is not content on your page/it hasn't been "created' yet the link to it will be red in color, if there is content on your page the link will be blue in color. All user pages are visible to all other users and visitors, if they know your username so they can look you up. If you use your real name or any moniker on your page that could be used to identify you, you can also be found via a site search.

These personal user pages are yours to write about yourself, provide a Larp resume and provide a page that you can link if you so choose. Please edit only your own page and let other people edit theirs.

User pages are not to be used as biography pages within the wiki, however biography pages may utilize content from a user's personal page if the biography page author so desires, or link to them.

You can link to your User page from other pages if it's relevant, but it's generally better, if a biography page exists for you, to link to the Biography page instead (and possibly have a link from the biography page to your own). (You can create a "placeholder" biography page that's just a redirect to your User page if you want to make the linkages easier). Please don't link someone's real name to their User page (unless the User page is publically identified).

Please use this User template if you want to utilize your personal page.

Biography pages

Biography pages are wiki pages that talk about a particular individual and their contributions to the hobby. These pages can be linked to from other articles in the wiki. If the biographical page refers to a user on the wiki who is public with their identity, it may include a link to that user's page.

All biography pages should adhere to the Biography template.

Individuals cannot create or edit their own pages, but can make a "biography" page as a redirect to their own user page or add a link to their user page if a biography page already exists (if another user chooses to add a biography page where a user page already exists, they can undo the redirect and take any biographical content from the original page into the new intervening page, but should maintain the linkage to allow the user to use their user page as a larp resume, et alia)

All biography pages upon being written for the first time or having any significant edits made must be marked with a review note for review by a third party that is neither the individual whom the page is about or any of the authors who have worked on the contribution in question. This review is make sure the page does not fall into the realm of self-promotion or bias. Should edits be needed before it can pass muster, they should be noted on the discussion tab, otherwise if the page passes muster the review notice should be removed. Any pages that are marked by a review note for more than a couple of weeks may either be rolled back to a prior version or marked for deletion if there is no former version to roll back to.

If an individual who has a biography page written about them wishes it to be pulled down as some folks don't want it to be made publically known they are involved in the hobby, they need to contact the site administrator, Joshua Kronengold , regarding their request. Only the person whom a page is about may request its deletion from the wiki. Defacing an individual's biography page or asking for its deletion is against the sprit of this policy and abusers may be banned without warning.