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SFS Live Action Weekend

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA, USA
Theatre-style larp

The SFS Live Action Weekend (SLAW) is a three-day larp covention in the USA. It runs every year in Novermber at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. It is hosted by the WPI SFS and is part of the New England larp community.

SLAW has traditionally focused on theatre-style larp, but in recent years has experimented with one-off live-combat games.


  • SFS Live Action Weekend 2010 (November 19 - 21 2010)
  • SFS Live Action Weekend 2011 (November 18 - 20 2011)
  • SFS Live Action Weekend 2012 (November 9 - 11 2012)
  • SFS Live Action Weekend 2013 (November 15 - 17 2013)
  • SFS Live Action Weekend 2014 (November 21 - 23 2014)
  • SFS Live Action Weekend 2015 (November 13 - 15 2015)
  • SFS Live Action Weekend 2016 (December 2 - 5, 2016)
  • SFS Live Action Weekend 2017 (November 18, 2017)

Larps run at SLAW 2013

Name Country Run by
Bad Apples USA Thomas Wohlers, Alon Levy, Tom Dimiduk
Superhero's World - Your Time to Shake USA Christopher Amherst
The Trial USA Joshua Rachlin, Kat Davis
The Night that Queen Princess Fluffykins Passed USA Jeff Diewald, Melanie Saunders, Christopher Amherst, Alon Levy
Heithur USA Kevin Riggle, Andrew Clough, Brian Sniffen
Weavers at the Loom of Fate USA Tom Traina
Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy USA Ariel Segall, Brian Sniffen
The Other Side of the Glass USA Tory Root, Liliya Benderskaya, Ray Bernfeld
The Dying of the Light USA Joshua Rachlin, Kat Davis
Prison USA Christopher Amherst
Loot Council USA Will Fergus, Melanie Saunders, Allan Pendergrast
A Single Silver Coin USA Laura Boylan, Peter Litwack, Rory Talk
Realms USA Angela Wood
Paranoia USA Matthew Kamm, Phoebe Roberts, Mac Magruder, Bernie Gabin, Michael Hyde

Larps run at SLAW 2014

Name Country Run by
Trouble With Turnips USA Samuel Teatum
Bloom of May USA Phoebe Roberts
Skies of Eladria USA Will Fergus, Melanie Saunders, Allan Pendergrast, Sean McCormack, Robert Wensley
Murder at Elm Hall USA Thomas Wohlers
The Road Not Taken USA Sarah Judd
The Other Other All Batman Game USA Thorin Tabor and Craig Fox
Haven USA Nick Milano
Dreams of Ice and Ash USA Thomas Wohlers, Wren Steinbergh, David Kowarsky, David Kotsonis
A Fungal Coronation USA Sean McCormack
Vanishing Point USA Nick Milano
Marlowe 2020 USA Tom Traina
When You Stop Running USA Dylan Blanset
Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste USA Matthew Kamm, Jonathan Kindness
Lux: A Parliament of Souls USA Kevin Piala

Larps run at SLAW 2015

Name Country Run by
Crown of Hearts USA Nat Budin, Tory Root, Liliya Benderskaya, Stephanie Davis, Thomas Wohlers, Dave Pounds
Inheritance USA Sarah Judd
A Second Chance For Wings USA Sarah Judd, Alon Levy
Trapped in the Hangar Bay USA Sean McCormack, Robert Wensley, Hannah McCormack, Aislinn McCormack
Tales of Bygone Ages USA Don Ross
Resonance USA Sarah Judd, Dave Pounds, Julia Pilowsky
Tartarus USA Thomas Wohlers
Group Date USA Sarah Judd

Larps run at SLAW 2016

Name Country Run by
The Sharing USA Matthew Kamm, Julia Pilowsky
Silver Lines USA Phoebe Roberts
Tales from the Cradle USA Adina Schreiber
Group Date USA Sarah Judd, Sophie Pounds

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