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Boston, MA
Science fiction comedy
Full Weekend
Date run
18 - 20 February, 1983
Number of participants
Walt Freitag

Rekon-1,[1] later published as Nexus, is credited as the first theatre-style larp run in the New England larp community.[2] The game was both a Weekend-long theatre-style game and a parasite game. It was run for the first time at Boskone XX, an annual science fiction convention in Boston, MA:

Recon-1: Recon-1 is a new event unique to Boskone, a "real-life" role-playing game involving a large number of participants. Gamemaster Walt Freitag will be leading player-characters through a maze of secrecy and deception as they attempt to save Earth from the threat of... oops! Can't give it away; Arne Sachmorton may be reading this.

The game is open to pre-registered players only. Beginning at registration on Friday, it will take place in secret all during the weekend, throughout the convention area.[3]

The game received five further runs before 1990 and spawned a series of sequels.[4] A version was later published by Chaosium as Nexus: Live Action Roleplaying.[5]


SECRET AGENTS from all over the world are converging, clandestinely, on a small science fiction convention. Coded transmissions have been intercepted, emanating from somewhere near the Con Suite. Fans have mysteriously disappeared, and strangers have shown up at the convention wearing their badges. And rumor has it that some of these clever costumes aren't really costumes at all.

Live Action Roleplaying for 44 players, 5 gamemasters, and one great weekend!


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