Nexus: Live Action Roleplaying

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Nexus: Live Action Roleplaying

Science fiction comedy
Number of players
How long it runs
Full Weekend
Date written
Rick Dutton and Walter O. Freitag
ISBN 1-5682-030-5

Nexus: Live Action Roleplaying is a published version of Rekon-1,[1] the first New England theatre-style larp. It provides a ruleset for LARP and a science fiction scenario set at a science fiction convention. It is thus an example of a parasite game.

The book is Volume 1 in the Play This Book series. The second volume was Long Ago and Far Away.


SECRET AGENTS from all over the world are converging, clandestinely, on a small science fiction convention. Coded transmissions have been intercepted, emanating from somewhere near the Con Suite. Fans have mysteriously disappeared, and strangers have shown up at the convention wearing their badges. And rumor has it that some of these clever costumes aren't really costumes at all.

Live Action Roleplaying for 44 players, 5 gamemasters, and one great weekend!


  1. Nat Budin, "Over Time: Intercon and the evolution of theatre-style larp in the Northeast", in WyrdCon Companion 2012, p. 61.