WyrdCon Companion 2012

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WyrdCon Companion 2012

Sarah Lynne Bowman and Aaron Vanek (eds)

The WyrdCon Companion 2012, edited by Sarah Lynne Bowman and Aaron Vanek, was the annual book published in conjunction with Tri Wyrd, the third annual Southern California Interactive Storytelling convention.


  • "Introduction" by Aaron Vanek
  • "A Lament for Gaming’s Lost Days" by Ethan Gilsdorf
  • "Thinking Big: RPGs, Teaching in Korea, and the Subversive Idea of Agency" by Gord Sellar
  • "Warcrack for the Hordes: Why Warcraft Pwns the World" by Eddo Stern
  • "Prismatic Play: Games as Windows on the Real World" by John Tynes
  • "The Greatest Story Ever Interacted With" by Maria Alexander
  • "Gaming the Players: Four meditations on the physics of building games out of humans" by J. Li
  • "Revisiting the Threefold Model" by John Kim
  • "Good Play for Game Designers" by Jason Morningstar
  • "Skin Deep" by Emily Care Boss
  • "Five Fates of Fiction" by Epidiah Ravachol
  • "An Interview with Ford Ivey about Larp Design"
  • "Over Time: Intercon and the evolution of theatre-style larp in the Northeast" by Nat Budin
  • "Mad About the Techniques: Stealing Nordic Methods for Larp Design" by Lizzie Stark
  • "Inside The Box, the United States Army’s Taxpayer Funded Larp" by Aaron Vanek
  • "Futurity and Larp" by Evan Torner
  • "Introduction to the Academic Section" by Sarah Lynne Bowman
  • "Yearning for the Hero Within: Live Action Role-Playing as Engagement with Mythical Archetypes" by Whitney “Strix” Beltrán
  • "Why Do They Larp? Motivations for Larping in Germany" by Rafael Bienia
  • "A Social Psychology Study of Immersion Among Live Action Role-players" by Nathan Hook
  • "Educational Larp: Topics for Consideration" by Yaraslau I. Kot
  • "Larp in an Interdisciplinary University Course" by Neal McDonald & Alan Kreizenbeck

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