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Dogma 99 is a larp manifesto written by Lars Wingård and Eirik Fatland. It is one of the foundational texts of Nordic larp and has been deeply influential on that style of larping.[1] It inspired a succession of other manifestos, including the Manifesto of the Turku School.

Dogma 99 opposed the features and tropes of "conventional" larp, including mechanics, props, backstory and secrecy (and hence implicitly brute-force design), action, violence, genre and Gamism. Instead, it emphasized transparency, player equality, and realism. Its authors now consider Dogma 99 to be "an archaic text", as its target, conventional larp, is "no longer around".[2] Many of the defining features of Nordic larp - the lack of mechanics, the shift away from traditional story forms, and the 360 degree illusion - have been heavily influenced by Dogma 99.


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