Casino Arcana

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Casino Arcana

Fool's Errand

Wyrdcon, Costa Mesa, CA
urban fantasy/poker
Conflict resolution system
4 hours
Date run
11 June 2010
Number of participants
Mike Tice (Live Game Labs)
Casino Arcana

Casino Arcana is a one-shot occult-themed theatre-style larp. It was written by Mike Tice.


The Major Arcana is a select club of the world's most powerful occultists: to the outside world, they are known as captains of industry, political figures, movie stars, mob bosses, or crazed hermits. But to those in the know, they hold the strands of arcane power that control the world. Six of them have assembled in modern-day Los Angeles to play in the septenniel "Fool's Errand" tournament. Despite a resemblance to seven card stud, the rules of Fool's Errand are quite unusual; magic and death are constant companions at the table, as is the Fool: your Host and Dealer.

Players will either portray a member of the Major Arcana (which requires solid knowledge of the rules of poker) or a helper/bodyguard/concubine of one of the members (no knowledge of poker necessary). 18+ please, for adult language and childish behavior. Suggested costuming: occult millionaire - anything from elegant to eccentric.


  • 11 June 2010 at Wyrdcon 2010 (Costa Mesa, CA)

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