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Quebec, Canada
Conflict resolution system

Bicolline is a live-combat fantasy larp campaign in Canada. The larp takes place at a 140 Hectare purpose-built venue, the Duchy of Bicolline, and takes place in French.


Bicolline runs as a campaign with events throughout the year, but also hosts an annual "Battle of Bicolline", a seven-day fest larp which attracts over 3,000 participants.

Military Campaigns

A single day event, held monthly, generally lasting 8 hours. Military campaigns have a story, and stakes involving the Geopolitical Game. Within the campaign there will be some number of scenarios, generally between 4 and 6, although occasionally there may be only one scenario lasting all day. These scenarios are published ahead of time by the game system, in French, for Guilds to construct strategies.


On most campaign days there is also a Soiree held. These are tavern nights usually attending by the majority of combatants from the campaign. Additionally the players of the Geopolitical game and the economic game attend. Additionally in March La Bal Pourpre is held. This Masquerade ball is well attended and popular. It is the only Bicolline event held offsite.

Special Events

Similar to Campaign Larp events, Adventures take place over two days. Players attend as their persona and engage in both Role Playing and combat associated with Bicolline. While Military Campaigns and the Grand Battle focus on combat, the Adventures focus on story and emotion.

La Grande Bataille

Taking place in August of each year, La Grande Bataille, the Grand Battle, is the event of the year. Over 3,000 participants camp in both Decorum and Non Decorum campsites for 7 days. Players attend quests, fight in mass military conflict, and perform magic rituals. All game layers are open and active during the week. Every player is given a Population card for attending (both member and non member). These cards drive the economy as they are valuable for guilds.

Layers of Gameplay

There are multiple games being played simultaneously at Bicolline. The highest level is referred to as the 'jeu géopolitique'. This layer is a 4x game played on a virtual map. This map drives the economy, which in turn determines what kinds of artillery or monsters a guild can field in battle. Magic effects the virtual map, while religion effects the players more directly. These five layers, Virtual, Economic, Magical, Religious, and Combat form the basis for game played at Bicolline. It's possible for guilds to gain power in one or more of these layers, although difficult to manage all of them.

Combat Rules

Rules outside.JPG
Rules inside.JPG

These combat rules are Copyright Duche de Bicolline 2017, and are distributed on index cards for players upon arrival at The Grand Battle. For any suggestions or comments regarding Bicolline's combat rules, please contact

"Count the hits you receive, not those you give."


  • The marshals wearing blue and yellow tabards have authority on the battlefield. They are the one to contact in case of an accident.
  • All participants, weapons, shields, monsters, war machines, and in-game items or objects must be homologated before entering the battlefield.
  • Each individal is responsible for counting the hits they themselves receive and not the ones they give
  • It is forbidden to voluntarily betray the side you swore allegiance to.

Hit Areas

  • The body is divide into (6) hit areas that have 1 hit point (HP) each: each arm, each leg, the trunk and teh head (includes the neck).
  • The eyes, nose, mouth and genitals can't be targeted.

Weapons and Combat

  • All hits deal 1 damage point (DP) and must be delivered using a weapon. It is the hit itself that counts and not the force with which it is dealt.
  • All weapon of 112 cm or more must be held with two hand and spears mus have a mark 50cm from the pommel, delimiting a zone where you are limited to the presence of a single hand.
  • It is forbidden to thrust of aim projectiles at an opponent's head, to use excessive force or to hit someone with a shield.

Death and Injuries

  • A hit area becomes useless and inoperable when it is reduced to 0 HP's. If the head or the trunk are reduced to 0HP's the participant automatically dies and must act as such.
  • It is forbidden to fake death.


  • You are allowed to carry one indestructible shield.
  • Pieces of armor protect the wearer by adding non-cumulative armor points (AP) and only the specific area that is covered by the armor is protected. A hit area can never lose more AP's than the value of its highest type of protection.
+2 AP: Armor made of overlapping metal plates.
+1 AP: Armor made of flexible metal or rigid armor.
+0 AP: All other accessories or clothing.

Monsters and War Machines

  • Monsters have 10 HP's distributed over their body and are immune to projectiles.
  • War machines can be destroyed by removing their red flag.
  • A monsters's weapons and moving projectiles from war machines kill instantaneously (one-shot kill). This includes hits delivered to all six hit areas, the shield or any piece of clothing or equipment.
Please note that all physical contact and violent or disrespectful behavior are strictly forbidden.

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