WyrdCon Companion Book 2015

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The WyrdCon Companion Book 2015

Sarah Lynne Bowman (ed)

The WyrdCon Companion Book 2015, edited by Sarah Lynne Bowman, was the annual book published in conjunction with Wyrdcon 2015, the sixth annual Southern California Interactive Storytelling convention.


  • “Love, Sex, Death, and Liminality: Ritual in Just a Little Lovin’” by Sarah Lynne Bowman
  • “Decoding the Default: Secrets and Powers Larp” by Nat Budin
  • “How I Became an Accidental Artist Through Larp” by Quinn D
  • “Writing Game Economies for Larp” by Rob McDiarmid
  • “Cultivating Responsible Masculinity in Gaming Communities” by Tayler Stokes
  • “Crossgender Role-playing in Russian Larps” by Olga Vorobyeva
  • “Imagining the Future with Planetfall: Mobile Technology and Hard Science in Science Fiction Larping” by Matthew Webb
  • “‘Actual Play’ and the Forge Tradition” by William J. White
  • “Breaking the Alibi: Fostering Empathy by Reuniting the Player and Character” by Maury Brown and Benjamin A. Morrow
  • “Trickster Remembers: Negotiating Morality and Identity in Tabletop Gaming Through Trickster Mythology” by Janelle Davis
  • “Character Creation: The Symbolic Annihilation of Race in Dungeons & Dragons” by TiMar Long
  • “Player Choices in Tabletop RPGs: The Greek Connection” by Dimitra Nikolaidou
  • “Bodies and Time in Tabletop Role-Playing Game Combat Systems” by Evan Torner

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