WyrdCon Companion Book 2014

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The WyrdCon Companion Book 2014

Sarah Lynne Bowman (ed)

The WyrdCon Companion Book 2014, edited by Sarah Lynne Bowman, was the annual book published in conjunction with Wyrdcon 2014, the fifth annual Southern California Interactive Storytelling convention.


  • "The State of Amtgard" by Sarah Budai and Kristin Hammock
  • "The Therapy Game: Nordic Larp, Psychotherapy, and Player Safety" by Kevin Burns
  • "Culture Shock: Building a Freeform Scene in Edmonton" by Eleanora and Mikael Hellstrom
  • "The Origins of Geek Culture: Perspectives on a parallel Intellectual Milieu" by Lars Konzack
  • "Playing With Myth: Applying Mythic Imagination to Live Action Role-play" by Craig Page
  • "The Parlour Sandbox: Counter-Players and Ephemera in American Freeform" by Evan Torner and Katherine Castiello Jones
  • "Entering and Leaving the 'Magic Circle' as Symbolic Acts: The Case of Russian Field Larps" by Olga Vorobyeva
  • "Level Up: Guys, We Need to Talk" by Peter Woodworth
  • "Pulling the Trigger on Player Agency: how Psychological Intrusions in Larps Affect Game Play" by Maury Elizabeth Brown
  • "Educational Live Action Role-playing Games: A Secondary Literature Review" by Sarah Lynne Bowman
  • "Larping the Past: Research Report on High-School Edu-Larp" by Michal Mochocki
  • "Lessons Learned from Larp: Promoting Social Realism in Nursing Simulation" by Anne Standiford

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