WyrdCon Companion Book 2013

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The WyrdCon Companion Book 2013

Sarah Lynne Bowman and Aaron Vanek (eds)

The WyrdCon Companion Book 2013, edited by Sarah Lynne Bowman and Aaron Vanek, was the annual book published in conjunction with Wyrdcon 2013, the fourth annual Southern California Interactive Storytelling convention.


  • "Challenging Sacred Cows: Level Gaps, Permanent Character Death, and Linear Plot" by David B Williams
  • "Transparency and Safety in Role-playing Games" by Evan Torner
  • "The Use of Structured Goal Setting in Simulation Design" by Stephen R. Balzac
  • "Of Rabbit Holes and Red Herrings: Interactive Narratives of ARG and Larp" by Emily Care Boss
  • "Interview with Frank Rose" by Aaron Vanek
  • "Physical interactions means physical limitations" by Elin Dalstal
  • "Changing Status in larps" by John Kim
  • "The standardized patient" by Natalie McCabe
  • "The larp legacy of Innocent Zhukov" by Yaroslav Kot
  • "Experential Learning for Youth Through Larps and RPGs" by Mark Hoge
  • "Melodramatic Mysteries Interactive Theater: A History" by Lianna Lawrence
  • "The Church of Play" by Adam Rafinski
  • "Mad About The Girl" by Jo Kreil
  • "Taking Nordic larp to Discovery Channel" by Claus Raasted
  • "Potterless: Pottermore and the Pitfalls of Transmedia Storytelling" by Vera Cuntz-Leng
  • "No One Role-plays the Spanish Inquisition!: The Early History of Role-playing Games in Spain" by Nicholas Mizer
  • "Characterology in Tabletop Role-Playing Games: A Textual Analysis of Character Sheets" by Lars Konzack
  • "Shadow Work: A Jungian Perspective on the Underside of Live Action Role-Play in the United States" by Whitney “Strix” Beltrán
  • "Ethical Content Management and the Gaming Social Contract" by Shoshana Kessock
  • "Managerial Styles in Larps: Control Systems, Cultures, and Charisma" by J. Tuomas Harviainen
  • "The Dynamic Life Cycle of Live-Action Role-Play Communities" by Diana J. Leonard and Grayson Arango

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