Trouble in Fandonia

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Trouble in Fandonia

Melbourne, Australia
Conflict resolution system
21 hours
Date run
September 2 - 3, 1983
Number of participants

Trouble in Fandonia was the second Australian freeform (theatre-style larp) to be run in Australia.[1] It was run at Arcanacon I in September 1983 and ran for 21 hours, attracting approximately 100 participants.[2]

The game based its mechanics on TSR's Top Secret rules.[3]


"Trouble in Fandonia" is a free-form role-playing tournament which uses "Top Secret" as its rule base. The players involved will be members of one of the three intelligence services of the People's Republic of Fandonia - the Committee for Public Safety (secret police), the Presidential Guard (paramilitary security organisation), ot the Special Executive for the Elimination of Enemies of the State (external espionage organisation). Due to continuous inter-service rivalry Fandonian national security has been seriously compromised. A recent Presidential Decree has ordered the creation of the Citadel - a top secret repository of information and of the top intelligence operatives of Fandonia.

However, serious doubts may be entertained as to the effectiveness of this solution. If the typicla betrayals and duplicity of free-form role-playing tournaments is demonstrated within the Citadel, we shall truly have "Trouble in Fandonia."[3]


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