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Melbourne, Australia
Tabletop roleplaying and Australian freeform

ArcanaCon is a roleplaying convention in Australia. It runs every Australia Day weekend (late January) in Melbourne. While the core of the convention is table top roleplaying, it has a strong Australian freeform / theatre-style larp component.


The first ArcanaCon was run in September 1983,[1] and featured Australia's second ever freeform, Trouble in Fandonia.[2] A second, Traveller-inspired scenario was run the following year[3][4] and the format gained in popularity, with two being run in 1985 (The Nights of Camelot[5] and The Last Gasp[6]) and four in 1986.[7] Freeforms became a staple of the convention timetable.

In 1988 ArcanaCon switched to an early - mid July timeslot. In 2001, with ArcanaCon XIX, it moved to its current Australia Day weekend timeslot.

Games run

Larps run at ArcanaCon XXXIII (2015)

Name Country Run by
Stormfront Australia Random Jones
The Pulse: It's a Time Slip Australia Natalie Rolfe
The Road Not Taken USA Travis Hall

Larps run at ArcanaCon XXXII (2014)

Name Country Run by
A Monarch for All Seasons Australia Louise Leong
Arenas of Bahra Australia Aaron Fenwick
Dead Reckoning Australia Random Jones
The Skyships of Bahra Australia Aaron Fenwick

Larps run at ArcanaCon XXXI (2013)

Name Country Run by
Being for the Benefit of Alice White Australia Richard Canning and Sara Hanson
Fishbowl Australia Duncan Harris
Prom Night Australia James Wright
The Skyships of Bahra Australia Aaron Fenwick

Larps run at ArcanaCon XXIV (2006)

Name Country Run by
A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Elvis Australia Luke Coughlan, Scott Vandervalk and Lon Teal
Brotherhood of the Caribbean - The Island of Los Aves Australia Mark Philp, Daniel Rehorek, and Kimito Wynn
Eden's Daughters Australia Ingrid Bean
Global Frequency Australia Alex Loke, Hilary Callander, Jye Nicolson, Mark Philp and Mitch Polley
Relativity Australia Andrew Jones
Sense and Stakeability Australia Ryan Naylor, Scott Vandervalk and Laura Birch
Sweet Waters Australia Sarah Western

Larps run at ArcanaCon XXIII (2005)

Name Country Run by
12/1 Australia
The Greatest American Tragedy Australia Daniel Rehorek, Mark Philp and Kimito Wynn
Brebanward Rising Australia Dean Bailey, John Deague, Hugh McVicker, Jon O'Donnell, Greg Jones
The Maiden of Gears Australia Ben Leong and Louise Zanon
Muppet's Family Xmess Australia Stephen Soymonoff
Of Cards and Convenience Australia Fi McConachie and Renee
Space Pirates: Pirates in Space! Australia Luke Coughlan and Michael Butler
XXV Australia Richard Canning and Sara Hanson

Larps run at ArcanaCon XXII (2004)

Name Country Run by
The Crucible Australia Scott Vandervalk and Ryan Naylor
Cthulhu The Musical: Cthulhu Rides Again! Australia Luke Coughlan, Martin Bennett and Greg Breese
Deadfall Australia David Goh, Morgan Jaffit, Shaun Clarke, Kris de Valle and Carla Dunn
Desert Song Australia Fi McConachie and Sarah Western
The Grand Hotel Australia Richard Canning, Nigel Cunningham and Sara Hanson
A Locus of Locusts Australia Matthew Weatherson and Lee Davis-Thalbourne
A Play by William Shakespeare Australia Louise Zanon and Laura Birch
There are no Dragons in Brebanward Australia Dean Bailey and John Deague

Larps run at ArcanaCon XXI (2003)

Name Country Run by
The 21st Annual Arcanaconic Congress New Scientists, Mad Inventors, Genetic Experimentalists and Other Practical Thinking Persons Australia
Angel of babylon Australia Sarah Western
Four Weddings and a Coronation Australia
Murderers & Mistresses Australia Michael Butler and Luke Coughlan
Preludes Australia
The Little Court Australia
Together We Stand Australia Ingrid Bean
Who Wants to Live Forever Australia Ingrid Bean and Nadina Geary

Larps run at ArcanaCon XX (2002)

Name Country Run by
Cthulhu does Shinjuku Australia
The Gods Must Be Crazy Australia Aliz Grubel and Callum Shaw
Impermanence Australia
Love-Trek Australia Cameron Stone
Seize the Heir! or Corripere Heres! Australia Alex White and Mark Philp

Larps run at ArcanaCon XIX (2001)

Name Country Run by
Discovery Australia Richard Canning and Sara Hanson
The Healers' Art Australia Gail Miller
Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Australia Andrew MacLennan
Monkey Business Australia Django Upton
The Plant Australia Phillip Pietruschka, Zev Langer
The Trial of Lucifer Australia Travis Hall

Larps run at ArcanaCon XVIII (2000)

Name Country Run by
1901 - An Etheric Odyssey Australia Django Upton
Austin Powers: Her Majesty's Secret Servicing Australia Guy Mizheil and Tracey-Lee Shields
Badges Australia Alex Loke and Phillip Pietruschka
Inner Circle Australia
River of Dreams Australia Garry Fay
Runes Australia Shaun Clarke
The Time of the Circle Australia

Larps run at ArcanaCon XVI (1998)

Name Country Run by
A town like Alicia Australia
Black Death: The Black Tower Australia
The enemy of mine enemy Australia
Matrimony, Magic & Murder Australia Richard Dennis
Murder at Bastings Manor Australia Amanda Collins
XXV Australia

Larps run at ArcanaCon XV (1997)

Name Country Run by
Babylon Five: Moments of Transition Australia
Black Death: Tumbleweed Australia Sara Hanson and Richard Canning
Holidays at Willowsmere Australia
The --Prince-- Pontiff Australia Django Upton and Caitlin May

Larps run at ArcanaCon XIV (1996)

Name Country Run by
Black Death: Scarlet Fever Australia Richard Canning and Sarah Hanson
Canu Cymry Australia Caitlin May
Springfield 90666 Australia Ann Bayly, Russell Penney and Wim van den Hil
The Party Australia

Larps run at ArcanaCon XIII (1995)

Name Country Run by
All Too Human Australia Caitlin May
Birthright Australia Caitlin May and Dominic McMullan
Black Death III: Orbital Decay Australia
Diaries of Trask Australia Jim Vinton
Lest Darkness Fall... Australia
Lunar City 7 Australia Tom Hull and Evan Sparks
Mr Big Australia
Slapfest Australia Wim van den Hil

Larps run at ArcanaCon XII (1994)

Name Country Run by
Black Death II: Night of the Comet Australia
Moonlight and Vodka Australia Caitlin May
The Machinery of Night Australia Richard Watts and Patrick O'Shea
Twin Peaks: The Dark of Futures Past Australia

Larps run at ArcanaCon XI (1993)

Name Country Run by
Black Death Australia R2CD
Egypt 3 Australia Robert Prior
Out of the Aeons Australia Any Paik
Reel To Reel Australia Morgana Keast and Catlin May
Twilight Hours Australia Ann Bayly and Russell Penney

Larps run at ArcanaCon X (1992)

Name Country Run by
King Arthur Australia Euan Walker
Ky 'Tar Australia
Silverwraithe II Australia Rhys Howitt
The Edwardian Club Australia Morgana Keast
The Sweet Taste of Murder Australia Ann Bayly and Russell Penney

Larps run at ArcanaCon IX (1991)

Name Country Run by
Desert Canyon Australia Morgana Keast
Land of the Couch Carrots Australia Ann Bayly, Russell Penney, and Morgana Keast
Shanghai Trader Australia Robert Prior and Robert McLean
The Fabulous River Boat Australia Justin Ackerman, Ken Miller, Sean Bently
The University of Space Australia Rhys Howitt

Larps run at ArcanaCon VIII (1990)

Name Country Run by
Den of Theives Australia Craig Lattin
Honour Before Honours Australia Squid Ink Djam
The White Silver Plains Australia Shaunagh-Lyn Weaver

Larps run at ArcanaCon VII (1989)

Name Country Run by
A Cat Among the Pigeons Australia Rodney Haines, Shaunagh-Lyn Weaver
Paranoia Australia Fraser McHarg
Tokugawa Dawn Australia David Thomas and Sean Bentley

Larps run at ArcanaCon VI (1988)

Name Country Run by
Detente Australia Dominic Jackman, Rodney Haines, Shaunagh-Lyn Haines
Guenevere's Banquet Australia Cathy Simpson
Pompeii on the Rocks Australia Cynthia Palmer and Greg Taylor

Larps run at ArcanaCon V (1987)

Name Country Run by
The Gathering Australia Morgana Cowling
Ellingham Revisisted Australia Freeforms Unlimited

Larps run at ArcanaCon IV (1986)

Name Country Run by
Arabia Felix Australia Cathy Simpson
Bunnies and Burrows Australia Steve Smith
Paranoia Australia Fraser McHarg
The Hunt Australia Neroli Wesley and Chiara Condotta

Larps run at ArcanaCon III (1985)

Name Country Run by
Nights of Camelot Australia Cathy Simpson, Jeff Webb and Rhys Howitt
The Last Gasp Australia Alan Greenway

Larps run at ArcanaCon II (1984)

Name Country Run by
Traveller Australia

Larps run at ArcanaCon I (1983)

Name Country Run by
Trouble in Fandonia Australia


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