Trader's Crossing

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The City of Trader's Crossing

Round Rock, Texas
Conflict resolution system
Light-Touch boffer combat
4-6 hours
Games per year
Chris Glover, Matt Griffith
Participation fee
free to play
Rule system
Mystic Crossroads LARP rulebook
Trader's Crossing Facebook group

The Greater Austin area Chapter of Mystic Crossroads LARP from ZPG Games. Games are held once per month usually on the last Sunday of each month in Lake Creek Park, Round Rock, Texas. We are a playtest group for the designers so rules may be added from game to game. Combat uses boffers, but most games do not require participation in combat.


The City of Trader's Crossing is set on the periphery of major Kingdoms and wild untamed wilderness. The city is regularly visited by merchants, soldiers, and rogues traveling between kingdoms or fleeing them. Monsters and the undead are regular hazards of travel and local citizens are wary of anyone new. The closest nearby town is Laketown, which has a poor reputation and is often hostile to Trader's Crossing.

Game history

Trader's Crossing was formed by two players from Drandmir and HFS in 2010 when their group's attendance and interest was dismally low. Feelings of the remaining Drandmir players was bitter for over a year for those "traitors" who left. Through active recruiting, Trader's Crossing established a committed player base outside of other larps, and Drandmir has slowly forgotten their grudge. Today players from each group will visit or play regularly in the other.

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