Mystic Crossroads LARP

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Mystic Crossroads Larp

Chris Glover, Matt Griffith
ASIN: B004093W52
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Combining a rich diverse world history, an in depth RPG system, and fast paced combat, players go beyond paper and dice games and get to dress and act out their characters first hand. In this unique new gaming world players can explore immersive aspects of role play that paper and dice games never could, even testing their own combat skills in a safe way. With storylines able to be created and moved by both Game Designers and the characters in the game Mystic Crossroads lends itself to endless varieties, stories, and games to keep players interested and entertained. Would you be the next Celestine Knight? Would you prefer the magic of the Sturthis? Maybe a merchant of the Dwarves fits you better? With Mystic Crossroads you are limited only by your imagination!

  • Mystic Crossroads adapts the quick location-based boffer combat style used in games like Amtgard or Dagorhir to a skills-based character focused role-playing game.
  • Mystic Crossroads incorporates a full detailed world so that players know where their characters stand, and the history of the different races.
  • Mystic Crossroads uses a 'skill-based' system instead of a 'class-based' system, so that players have more freedom to develop their characters as they choose.
  • The concepts presented in Mystic Crossroads can be easily tailored and used in other game systems, including both larp and traditional paper/dice games. Both the rules sets and the histories can be used to enhance other games.
  • The Basic rulebook to Mystic Crossroads has a whole section devoted to how-to's for making LARP equipment and costuming, as well as information on forming and running your own Mystic Crossroads group if there is not currently one in your area.

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