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The Three Way Model or GDI Theory is a larp-specific adaptation of the Threefold Model theory of roleplaying games. Like the threefold model, it identifies three different and competing agendas or styles in larps. Two of these, Gamist and Dramatist, are identical to those of the earlier model. The third, Immersionist, replaces the Threefold Model's Simulationist.

The agendas are:

  • Game approaches the larp as a game, with consequent values of fairness, challenge, and being able to succeed or "win"
  • Drama approaches the larp as a story, and values creating a satisfying storyline for the participants.
  • Immersion approaches the larp as a simulation of character, and values "living the roles life, feeling what the role would feel", as well as the internal consistency of the setting required for this.[1]

Like the earlier model, the Three way Model is descriptive, rather than normative, and does not advocate for any particular style. While intended to describe prevailing Scandanavian modes of larping, it also noted that it may be incomplete and that there might be other agendas or modes of play.[2]

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