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The Larp Census was an international project to "count everyone who larps, has larped, and wants to larp." It was organised by Aaron Vanek and Ryan Paddy.


The idea for a larp census originated during Wyrdcon 2012, where Vanek suggested it is one of three ways of building the global larp community.[1] A year later he mentioned it to Ryan Paddy in response to a query seeking statistics, resulting in the two deciding to collaborate. From the beginning the census was intended for an international audiance, and to avoid country-specific assumptions about the style and nature of larp.[1] There were several rounds of consultation with larpers and larp academics from around the world in an effort to find suitable questions. The final survey focused on seven key demographic questions, with a series of optional questions about motivation and related activities.

Anonymised data from the census will be released under a Creative Commons non-commercial license once data collection is complete, to allow it to be used by the global larp community.[2]

Data collection

The larp census officially launched on October 2 2014 and ran until January 10 2015. It was available in 17 languages and received over 25,000 responses from 123 countries.[3] Some preliminary results were released on in December 2014 giving some information about age, gender, and length of participation.[1]

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