The Book of LARP

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The Book of LARP

Sandy Antunes, Mike Beddes, Jeff Diewald, John Kammer, Ryan Markle, Gordon Olmstead-Dean, Mike Pohjola, Miki Tracy and Mike Young
Interactivities Ink

The Book of LARP is an introduction to theatre-style live action roleplaying. It was published by Interactivities Ink. The book contains a mix of small theatre-style games and articles about larp, as well as a larp glossary.


  • "What is a LARP?" by Mike Young
  • "The Spectrum of LARP" by Mike Young
  • "Running a LARP" by Mike Young
  • "Rules To Live By" by John Kilgallon and Mike Young
  • "Pounding the Pavement. A Guide to Runtime LARP GMing" by Gordon Olmstead-Dean and Phil Kelly
  • "The Art of Illusion. Adding Atmosphere to Live Action Games" by Ryan A. Markle
  • "Building a World: How to Design a LARP Setting" by Mike Pohjola
  • "On Writing Plots: no Story Survives Contact with the Players" by Miki Tracy
  • "The Art of the Character Sheet" by Mike Young
  • "Writing a Murder Mystery" by Jeff Diewald


All games used the Rules to Live By system.

  • Trapped by Mike Young
  • All the President's Zombies by Mike Beddes
  • Michael Clambino's Fundraiser by John Kammer
  • Humans vs Monsters: Diplomacy by Mike Young
  • Lost in the Stacks by Sandy Antunes
  • I Shall Not Want by Mike Pohjola

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