The Bell

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The Bell

The BellCover.jpg
Science Fiction Amnesia game
Number of players
12 - 20
How long it runs
Two hours
Date written
Stephanie Pegg and Catherine Pegg
The Bell

The Bell is a science fiction theatre-style larp by Stephanie and Catherine Pegg. The game is an amnesia game about the crew and passangers of a spaceship trying to resolve a crisis with incomplete memories of who they are and where they are going. It first ran at Chimera in Auckland, New Zealand in 2011.[1]

The game uses an act structure rather than continuous play, with characters regaining memories between each act. Act changes are cued by a soundtrack. It also uses modular design with self-contained groups of characters, allowing a wide variation in player numbers. The mechanics are a simple hit points / attacker wins setup, subtly encouraging the initiation of physical conflict.


You wake up with your memories fracturing around you. You're going somewhere, and there's something wrong, and you know these people here with you, or maybe you only think you do. All you really know for sure is that you can hear this Bell.

This is a science fiction suspense game inspired by Doctor Who, The Fountain (Darren Aronofsky, 2006), Five Twelfths of Heaven (Melissa Scott, 1985) and the works of Cordwainer Smith. The Bell will be an emotionally intense game.


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