The Artorian Order of the Knights of Pendragon

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The Artorian Order of the Knights of Pendragon

Whittier, CA, USA
Conflict resolution system
The Artorian Order of the Knights of Pendragon

The Artorian Order of the Knights of Pendragon (AOKP) is a fantasy live-combat larp in California, USA. Players create fantasy personas that live and adventure in the fictional kingdom of Warwick, which is inhabited by trolls, faeries, and many other strange and fantastic creatures. Combat is acted out through the use of safe, padded boffer weapons. The rules covering combat, and everything else in the game, are simple, effective, and fun.

In addition to fighting and roleplaying, AOKP encourages learning, growth, and the development of skills such as art, costuming, music and storytelling. Some of our members have gone on to work in the entertainment industry, theater, special effects and publishing, among others. Others have become contributing members of larger organizations such as the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

AOKP is originally a student and alumni club based on the Whittier College campus in Whittier, California. More than merely a game or club, AOKP is a family. We are a community of friendly, creative and fun people that enjoy activities together both as our characters and our regular selves. AOKP is always looking to welcome new students into our midst. If any of the above sounds like fun to you, why not give us a try?

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