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Steering is the act of performing in-character actions for out-of-character reasons.[1] An important part of steering is that the player attempts to maintain both external and internal character coherence - that is, the character's actions look plausible and consistent to both other characters and to the player themselves.

Steering can be overt (blatant or negotiated) or covert (decided privately).[2]

While steering may meet the definition of metagaming, it is used constantly by all players at a larp. At its most basic level, players steer to cater to their physical needs, ensure their safety, and stay in the game. Other uses include involving other players, finding other characters or things to do, smoothing over inconsistencies, deciding which plots to triage or prioritize over others, or to pursue immersion or bleed.[3] Knowing when and how to steer is considered by some to be a key player skill.[4]


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