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Stanford Gaming Society

Stanford, CA, USA
Stanford Gaming Society

The Stanford Gaming Society is a gaming club at Stanford University in California, USA. It runs small theatre-style larps in the MIT Assassins' Guild style several times a year, generally monthly or less frequently. Occasionally games are run in other theatre styles as well, including the original SGS/Stanford style games, which generally involve more roleplay and fewer mechanics. Since 2016, the Humans vs. Zombies community at Stanford has become associated with the Stanford Gaming Society.

While the Stanford Gaming Society has been around since 2001, LARPs have only been run there since 2003. The creation of the SGS/Stanford style of LARP is attributed to J Li in 2003.[1] Most LARPs run at Stanford are four-hour or shorter one-shots, though in the past there were weekend-long and week-long games. The week-long games were known as "Epic LARP" and were generally played over Spring Break during the 2000s. Eventually, when the local LARP culture was beginning to fade, an MIT Assassins' Guild alum who came to study at Stanford reignited the SGS LARP community by introducing it to MIT Assassins' Guild style LARPs.

The Stanford Gaming Society also runs "Guild Camps", an event originating from the MIT Assassins' Guild. Guild Camp is a LARP writing and GMing boot camp that teaches prospective LARP writers and GMs to write and run an MIT Assassins' Guild Style LARP over the course of two weeks. Guild Camp is held once a year, during Spring Break and the following week.

It is common for SGS alumni to continue to play and GM games in association with the SGS, and some of these people have gone on to run LARPs they have written at Bay Area conventions and beyond. A group of these alumni also formed the Luminary Roleplay Society, which runs mostly games written at Stanford, both SGS style and MIT Assassins' Guild style, but is open to players from around the San Francisco Bay Area. One Stanford-written game associated with the Luminary Roleplay Society, "A Reunion at Katmeers," is on the schedule for Intercon S.


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