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Saskatoon, Canada
Mixed larp
20 - 30?

SLARPCon is a larp convention in Saskatoon, Canada. It is run annually by the Saskatoon LARP Association. The convention usually runs only a single game at a time, and has traditionally focused on theatre-style larp.

Larps run at SLARPCon 2015

Name Country Run by
The Space Bar Canada Kyle Yaworski
Magna Carta Canada Phil & Ricki Siemans

In addition, the con hosted a demonstration of Amtgard.

Larps run at SLARPCon 2014

Name Country Run by
Mafia: Bad Omens Canada
A Clockwork H[e]aven Canada

Larps run at SLARPCon 2013

Name Country Run by
Mafia: The Last Supper Canada Joshua Lamboo
Angel of Prague Canada
Mummy: the Curse Canada

Larps run at SLARPCon 2012

Name Country Run by
At Every Door Canada Jill Bell, Brock Knudsen, and Sacha Robertson
The Thralls Will Play Canada Carson Abrahamson
Can't Beat the House Canada Kitty Gritzfeldt and Wade Lahoda
The Slightly Used 52 Canada Kyle Yaworski

Larps run at SLARPCon 2011

Name Country Run by
Murder at the South Side Warehouse Canada
The Aerico Reception Canada
Killing in the Name of Canada
The Infection Canada
Marriage in Cold Blood Canada