New World Magischola

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New World Magischola

Richmond, VA, USA
Magic university
Full Weekend
Date run
Number of participants
160 per run
Learn Larp, LLC
New World Magischola

New World Magischola is a US blockbuster larp. It was inspired by the Nordic larp College of Wizardry and portrays an immersive US magic university in the style of the "Harry Potter" novels. It is run by Learn Larp, LLC.


New World Magischola is a new magical universe specific to North America. Magic users belong to the Magimundi and the continent is divided into five provinces that extend from Mexico to Canada. Through more than 400 years of history, intertwined with the Colonial history of the continent, our world brings together magical traditions from indigenous cultures, West African and Caribbean, French-Canadian, Spanish/Mexican, Asian, and other European traditions. There’s also an entire cadre of magical cryptids and creatures specific to North America. Students of magic in the Magimundi attend regional schools and then Magischola, a magical college where students are selected into one of five houses and follow one of six paths or majors. You can be a part of this magical universe through cooperative storytelling at one of our live action role play events (LARPs), through our forthcoming fiction, participating in our wiki, or showing your house pride through some of our merchandise. Welcome to a new world of magic!


New World Magischola's initial run of four events was funded via a Kickstarter campaign in January 2016.[1] The initial games were run in June and July 2016, using the University of Richmond campus in Richmond, VA. These were followed in December 2016 by a pair of "Yuletide Escape" games using a venue in Cleveland, OH, which were also funded via Kickstater.[2] It has ten events scheduled for 2017.


New World Magischola is notable for bringing Nordic larp techniques and design to a mass American audience, with workshops, sandbox design, collaborative design, inclusive design, and a play to lose philosophy. It also used consent-based play techniques such as lookdown and the OK check-in to allow players calibrate and to opt-out of scenes easily.[3] As with the US run of Mad About the Boy this design philosophy caused some culture clash with the American player-base.[4]


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