College of Wizardry

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College of Wizardry

Zamek Czocha, Poland
Harry Potter
4 day
Date run
2014 -
Number of participants
Dziobak Larp Studios
College of Wizardry

College of Wizardry or CoW is a blockbuster larp about a university for witches and wizards, inspired by J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter stories. It ran its first event in November 2014 and has run approximately three events a year since. Each event is seperate, though several share past history, forming a quasi-campaign. The larp received significant international media attention and helped launch the genre of blockbuster larps and larp tourism.[1]

College of Wizardry's first three events were explicitly based on Rowling's Harry Potter stories, but the background was rewritten to remove any reference to the Potterverse after CoW 3. Its 2015 events were crowdfunded via Indiegogo.[2] It ran a further series of four events in 2016, and plans to run seven events of various lengths in 2017. A German version, College of Wizardry: Nibelungen, will also be run in 2017.

The success of College of Wizardry has helped launch other Potter-like blockbuster larps, including New World Magischola and Bothwell School of Witchcraft.


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