New Voices in Art

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New Voices in Art

Modern art
Number of players
How long it runs
2 hours
Date written
Tor Kjetil Edland, Arvid Falch and Erling Rognli

New Voices in Art is a Nordic theatre-style larp exploring the world of contemporary art. It is an example of a framework game. Rather than using pre-written characters, the players play "a version of themselves", with a questionnaire to prompt reflection. A random artwork, a statement about how they feel about it, a competition for an art prize and a monologue mechanic provide a strong framework for play. While the game is focused on artists, it can be expanded to include "hangers on" from the "art crowd".

The game has been played outside Norway, with Larp Resume listing runs in the USA, Lithuania and New Zealand.[1] It is significant as an accessible introduction to Nordic techniques and the monologue mechanic in particular.


New Voices in Art is a chamber game about about a group of aspiring artist the night before the opening of the exhibition ‘New Voices in Art’. The participants play a version of themselves as aspiring artists. The main themes of this game are ambition, ambivalence and aloneness. The world of modern art is used as a setting to symbolize our yearning for success and fulfillment as creative individuals. To produce this game you need a space that will function as the gallery in the game and as many pieces of art as there are participants playing artists.


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