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Land of Forgotten Fairy Tales

Greater Los Angeles Area, California
Fantasy/modern worlds collide, steampunk, twisted fairy tales
Conflict resolution system
medium boffer combat including spell packets and foam-dart guns
day and weekend games
fall 2009
Games per year
3 events per year
Created and managed by Amanda Mielke and Devin McCarthy.
Participation fee
normal weekend game fee $70-$80
Rule system
modified Live Effects Ruleset

Messina is a cross-world live-combat campaign in California, USA. It is supported by Live Effects.

It is the first Live Action Role Playing Game set in the fantasy Messina cosmos, and was first introduced by Devin McCarthy and Amanda Mielke in 2009. Messina is worlds collide game, where a land of fantasy and magic (Messina) comes into contact with our own world (Terra, circa 1935). The two worlds interact in strange and dangerous ways in a fantasy/modern/steampunk adventure where fairy tales come true in terrible and twisted ways.

The setting is also the subject of a webcomic.


Messina began as a tabletop RPG in 2003 by Amanda Mielke for Devin McCarthy and their college roommates. In time it developed into a complex world setting with (unpublished) rules for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 and 4.0. The edition change from D&D3.5 to 4.0 ended a planned Open Gaming License release of the setting, and it was instead developed as a larp using a cusomised version of Live Effects' Arbiter System.

The campaign was announced in summer 2009 and the first event was run on Saturday, November 14, 2009. Originally intended to be a series of day games, player requests led to an expansion to a weekend format. Messina ran events approximately three times a year until the first campaign arc, "Land of Forgotten Fairy Tales", ended after 13 episodes in June 2014.[1] It is currently planning a sequel set in WWII.[2]

Throughout the years the core Messina GMs have been assisted by a number of co-GMs including Aaron Vanek, Rachel Noel, Ray Lavoie, Danielle Collins, and Ian Sorensen.



Terra is our world, the lands we know as Earth. The time period is that brief span of years between WWI and WWII, a time of jazz and prohibition, of the Great Depression and growing European unrest. A time when we really thought that the events of the Great War had so shaped us that there would never be war again, despite growing evidence to the contrary.

Some scholars believe that Messina has always interacted with Terra, that when St. George set off to slay the dragon or knights set out to hunt the unicorn they wandered out of Terra and into Messina. Our Terra mythology is based on these brief encounters with another world.


Messina is a land of many kingdoms, also recently shaped by war. The Great Dragon War lasted a thousand years in Messina and only ended about 500 years ago. Most of the human kingdoms have had to be rebuilt, while the elves and dwarves and dragons of the East still remember the war on a personal level.


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