Kobold! The Charades

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Kobold! The Charades

Steven Hess
9th Level Games

Kobold! The Charades is a set of theatre-style larp rules based on the Kobolds Ate My Baby tabletop rpg. The game uses card-based character creation and a card draw mechanic.


Tired of vampiric melodrama? Sick of speak-easies being torn apart by creatures from beyond? Dying for a little laughter in your live-action? Well you're in luck! 9th Level Games is bringing all the fun of Kobolds Ate My Baby! To the LARP scene. Strap a colander on your head and bust out the rubber chickens! Strive for new heights of overacting, brush up on your dog mimicry, and revel in drunken debauchery! The Kobolds are here to bark, err? LARP.

Kobold! The Charades is stand-alone Live Action RPG set in the world of dimness. A world remarkably similar to the world of Kobolds Ate My Baby just not as brightly lit. Within Kobold! The Charades answers can be found to many of the burning questions on the aspiring Kobold LARPer's mind, such as? Do I have to buy a fancy costume? How do you resolve things without resorting to dice or a fist fight? Is brooding mandatory or simply encouraged? And most importantly, other LARPS have hot chicks in tight costumes, will yours?