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North Georgia and central Tennessee.
Multi-genre horror fantasy.
Conflict resolution system
Lightest touch, hit location combat system.
Full weekend events with occasional one-days.
Games per year
6 - 8 events per year.
Owned by Mark Hudgen,Fractured licenses the Forest of Doors rules system.
Participation fee
$45 for a full weekend.
Rule system
Custom rulebook.


Fractured takes place in the Fracture, a sort of world-between-worlds where player characters arrive by either intentional or unintentional means from one of seven homeworlds. Once characters have arrived, they learn it is impossible for them to return to the places they once called home. The Fracture itself is a strange amalgam of cultures and myriad dangers, and characters are constantly struggling to survive in what is an outwardly hostile world. Though Fractured takes its cue from Forest of Doors, its setting is distinctly darker and the LARP bills itself as a fantasy horror game. Fractured has licensed the Forest of Doors rules system and the two systems are largely identical with the exception of six all-new magic schools for Fractured. Currently, the seven homeworlds available to player characters are:

The Academy Arcane; a world that is one giant college for studying magic and the occult, characters can either be wizards or proles, non-magical humans who are oppressed and treated as servants.

The Blighted Fen; a dark, swamp-filled world with a tragic fairy queen, rustic human tribes and animal gods taken from folklore, characters can either be Bogies (fairies, but not the cute whimsical kind, more the dangerous Celtic kind) or pagans, humans under the Bogies care and protection.

The Four Monarchies; a dieselpunk WWI-inspired setting where the zombie apocalypse has occurred and cultists do the bidding of unknowable, vaguely Lovecraftian gods, most player characters are soldiers or civilians fleeing a collapsing, war-torn world.

The Burning Pit; a world similar to a pocket hell ruled by Fiends who require the player character Soul Merchants to fulfill a quota of either very pure or very wicked souls from other worlds to sustain them.

The Shogunate of the Death Gods; a feudal Japanese-inspired world filled with kami and ghosts which the ruling Shinigami must police or destroy to protect the mortals who are bound to the Wheel of Karma, players may portray either Shinigami or mortals from the Chrysanthemum Lands.

The Magnolia Archipelago; a strange, sci-fi B-movie world with some hints of the Antebellum south, characters can be one of three types of Victims of Science: biomechanical Y-2s, Frankensteinen Children or animalistic Chimera.

A World With No Shadow; a highly technologically advanced world based on ancient Egyptian culture with a dash of weird fiction, players may portray followers of the Eye, tribal nomads, or those branded a criminal by their highly regimented society.

Game history

Fractured was founded by Mark Hudgen in 2012. Mark, a player of Forest of Doors, greatly enjoyed the game and its rule system and wanted to make his own. He licensed use of the FoD rule system from Forest of Doors and tapped Charles Kelly to write the bulk of the setting information. Once content was complete, Mark recruited several staff members from among FoD players and the game began in early 2012. Fractured is considered FoD's "sister game" and is currently run by Mark Hudgen, Chris Jones, Christine Reagan, Stacy Casteel, Scott Kuban, Jamey Lewis, and Sarah and Randy Berry as Monstertown managers.

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