Forest of Doors

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Forest of Doors

Atlanta, GA
Multi-genre fantasy.
Conflict resolution system
Lightest touch, hit-location boffer combat.
Full weekend, occasional one day events.
Games per year
Approximately 8 - 10 events per year.
Created by Chris Tang, Charles Kelley, Adrian McLeer, Mike Boaz and Corey Dixon, with new staff additions in recent years.
Participation fee
$45 for a full weekend.
Rule system
Custom rules system written by Adrian McLeer.
Forest of Doors


Forest of Doors, or "FoD" as it is referred to by most players and staff, is a multi-genre fantasy boffer LARP that uses a lightest touch, hit location system. The concept behind the game is that player characters come from one of eight specific homeworlds and have traveled through magical "doors" into an ancient and metaphysically potent forest with its own history and mysteries. It is possible for players to return to their homeworlds with some work, but as the bulk of the gameplay takes place in the Forest of Doors, this effectively removes them from the game. FoD is well known for having a robust magic system where casters must perform in play "rituals" (things like staring into the depths of a gem, drawing a third eye, or even capturing and naming small insects before releasing them) to empower their magic. FoD also boasts a complex downtime system which allows characters to accomplish various goals of scholarship, diplomacy, exploration and more between games.

The eight homeworlds that are currently available to players are: the Rock of Storms, a hostile fantasy world based in Viking myth; the Goblin City, a Dickensian steampunk society of goblins who dwell underground; the Dark Mountains, a dark fantasy/horror setting where there is no sun and the world is ruled by seven "Dark Lords"; the Desert of Brass, a fantasy Arabian Nights-like setting that prizes learning and knowledge; the Enchanted Glade, a whimsical, almost childlike setting filled with fairies and talking animals; the Realm of Castles, traditional Arthurian fantasy; and Undersea, an aquatic setting based loosely on Hindu myth.

Game history

Forest of Doors was founded in 2006 by Chris Tang, Charles Kelley, Adrian McLeer, Mike Boaz and Corey Dixon. Adrian McLeer was responsible for the creation of the rules system and the other staff members contributed a great deal to the creation of the central setting and playable worlds. Monstertown manager John Nunn joined not long after. Chris Tang left staff in 2008, citing family obligations, and FoD recruited several new staff members including Ryan and Erin Seto, Joie Martin and Nigel O'Rear. In 2009, Corey Dixon left staff to become a player and Rob Teets was recruited to replace him. Rob stepped down in 2010 and Corey once again rejoined staff. Also in 2010 FoD recruited Matthew Malis. In 2011 Ryan Seto briefly stepped down for a period of a few months. At the end of 2011/beginning of 2012 FoD lost several staff members as Joie Martin, Nigel O'Rear and Matthew Malis all left staff within a period of 2-3 months. Ryan Seto rejoined staff shortly afterward and FoD also recruited Guy Wiles and Aldea Boaz to replace the lost staff members. The current staff/plot team consists of Charles Kelley, Adrian McLeer, Mike and Aldea Boaz, Corey Dixon, Ryan and Erin Seto, Guy Wiles and John Nunn as Monstertown manager.

FoD has been running 6 - 10 events per year consistently since 2006. These are mostly three-day weekend long events beginning on Friday evening and lasting until Sunday afternoon. In its early seasons, FoD ran one-day, and occasional two-day events, but these have largely been abandoned in favor of frequent three-day events. The only one-day event FoD now runs occurs annually at DragonCon.

In 2011 the FoD rule system was licensed by Fractured staff, and Fractured now runs as FoD's "sister-game" with many of the FoD staff members and former staff members as players.

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