Down and out in Middenburg

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Down and out in Middenburg

Fantasy comedy
Number of players
12 players
How long it runs
2 hours
Date written
Donna Giltrap and Malcolm Harbrow
Down and out in Middenburg

Down and out in Middenburg is a 2 hour fantasy-comedy theatre-style larp. It has been run in New Zealand, Lithuania and Spain,[1] and was recently translated into Spanish.

The game uses simple fantasy tropes and has been used as an introduction for new larpers. It shares a setting with Graduation Day.


Life in Arlandia isn't all knights in shining armour and heroes winning pots of gold.

For the court of the Beggar King of Middenburg the deeds of Mighty Kings and Wizards aren't nearly so important as defending your begging spot, avoiding being roughed up by the city watch, and finding a decent recipe for rat stew...


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