Camp Hatchet

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Camp Hatchet

Charleton, MA, USA
Conflict resolution system
Lightest-touch live-combat
Full Weekend
Date run
26 - 28 June, 2015
Chris Knowles and Georgina Richardson
Camp Hatchet

Camp Hatchet was a one-shot weekend-long larp inspired by 80's teen slasher movies such as Friday the 13th. It was run by Heterodox Entertainment in June 2015.

The rules were very simple and focused on genre-emulation, with a "mantra" system which rewarded stereotypical genre behaviours (geeks being geeks, jocks being jocks, people wandering off into the woods alone etc) by activating in-game powers. Combat used lightest-touch live-combat with a simple limb-disable (knock-out for the torso) damage system.


It is an indiscriminate year during the 1980s.... The infamous Camp Hatchettawnee, the site of a grisly murder over a decade ago, has recently reopened and is accepting applicants for camp counselors. You are a teenager who has been accepted and have arrived at camp to receive a week-long counselor training.

However, strange and creepy things begin to happen at the idyllic camp. People go missing. Shadowy figures are seen in the woods. You begin to learn that this camp has a dark and sinister past.

As night falls, the noose tightens, the blood begins to flow, and nobody is safe. Miles away from civilization, the young counselors-to-be must survive long enough to find a means to escape.

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