The Peckforton Papers

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The Peckforton Papers: Essays From Four Decades of UK Larp

Simon Brind, Juliet Brind, EmmyLou Laird, John Shockley, and Martine Svanevik (eds)
Wychwood End

The Peckforton Papers: Essays From Four Decades of UK Larp is a collection of essays from UK larp organisers. It was published by Wychwood End in 2018.


  • Introduction to the Peckforton Papers. (Simon Brind)
  • All Our Yesterdays - British Larp. (Charlie Ashby)
  • Peaky writing weekends. (Steve Hatherley)
  • Who is responsible for what at a larp event? (Stephen Gibson)
  • All games for all people - the integration of accessibility. (Robin Tynan)
  • Playing “let’s try not to kill or permanently damage someone unnecessarily.” (Ben Mars)
  • The blurring of social norms connected to live action role-play. (Marilyn Massingham)
  • How indie tabletop games have grown into larps, and what you can steal from them. (Joanna Piancastelli)
  • Genre and feeling: a contrast between writing horror and fantasy larp. (Laura Mitchell)
  • Fear loves this place. (Alan Morgan)
  • From book to field: Adapting tabletop for larp while retaining a feel of personal horror. (Ellie Williams and Joe Rooney)
  • Making larp like movies. (Leah Tardivel, Mark Nichols, and Thomas E Hancocks)
  • Don’t let the vampire get away - designing linear games and mistakes I’ve made when doing so. (Ben Mars)
  • A process for writing freeforms (Steve Hatherley)
  • I am the author of my fate: Some thoughts on player agency and its interaction with narrative. (Ellen Green)
  • The campaign for LRP not larp (Leah Tardivel, Mark Nichols, and Thomas E Hancocks)
  • Immersive, interactive, in-character: larp edges into the mainstream. (Harry Harrold)
  • Glossary of larp terms

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