The Face of Oblivion

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The Face of Oblivion

Science Fiction
Number of players
How long it runs
2 hours
Date written
Catherine Pegg
The Face of Oblivion

The Face of Oblivion is a theatre-style science fiction larp by Catherine Pegg. The game is a crisis simulation about the leaders of an asteroid habitat facing a choice between letting a rogue asteroid destroy the earth, or sacrificing them and the people under their care to prevent it. The game first ran at KapCon in January 2014.[1]


2277, May 17, Asteroid Habitat Aoraki Mountain, Captain's Address to Crew: "People, we've done this before. The system newcomer Oblivion, whatever its mass, is just another flying rock. Killing rocks is our trade - we have the technology, the manpower, and the will. Earth will not fall on our watch."

2278, April 4, Asteroid Habitat Aoraki Mountain, Captain's Address to Crew: "... in light of Oblivion 3's failure due to catastrophic equipment malfunction, technical crews will be inspecting Aoraki's infrastructure early this year. We trust that our crew will behave in the spirit of Aoraki as Oblivion passes through our orbit..."

2278, April 4, Captain's Private Log: "This isn't over."

For more than a hundred years the people of Earth and its surrounding space habitats have been fighting the Rock War - a collection of solid masses are passing willy-nilly through the Solar System, many of which could profoundly damage the mother planet. Most have been neutralised - humanity is winning! But now the largest planet-killer of them all, code-named Oblivion, has defeated the last three attempts to divert it. Soon it will pass through the orbit of Asteroid Habitat Aoraki Mountain, almost close enough to see, and the Captain has one last desperate gambit in mind...

But oh - this will cost. Join the habitat's officers in the last two hours before an irrevocable decision is made. Sometimes there aren't any good choices.

What compromises will you make, in the Face of Oblivion?


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