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A tale-telling game is a theatre-style larp in which the characters tell stories to one another, breaking out of their main character and enacting scenes to do so.[1] Across the Sea of Stars describes the technique as follows:

During Tale periods in the game, players will tell Tales, stepping out of their Home Characters and into Tale Characters, to play out short and intense microLARPs within the LARP, using classic science-fiction tropes and settings. The Tales may be bloody, intense, and dramatic - but they are only Tales. They do, however, illuminate the difficult dilemma that your Home Character has to decide during the course of the game.[2]

The technique can also be used to represent flashbacks. The first tale-telling game was Tales of the Arabian Nights run in 1988.[1] The style has been used at Intercon but appears unknown outside the New England larp community.

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