Tabula Rasa

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Tabula Rasa

Delta Station has lost its mind

Science Fiction
Full Weekend
Date run
July 12-14, 1996
Alexx Kay, Charles Sumner, and Mark Waks

Tabula Rasa is a Weekend-long theatre-style game and was the first amnesia game. Written by Emerald City Productions, it was first run in July 1996 at DexCon 5, and rerun in September 1997.


TABULA RASA is a Science Fiction/Espionage game with a twist. It is set on Delta Station, an isolated archaeological research facility investigating a find which has the fate of three worlds hanging in the balance. High-ranking diplomats have each woven intricate plots to ensure that they will end up in control. But we're taking role-playing to a new level, because:

Something Strange Has Just Happened
But No One Remembers What It Was

What exactly is going on? Well, that would spoil the surprise. Besides, truth is in the mind of the beholder -- and time doesn't stop when you don't know your name...


  • July 12-14, 1996, at DexCon 5
  • September 26-28, 1997, at NotJustAnotherCon 13.

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