Sungglebunny Ring Wraiths

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Sungglebunny Ring Wraiths

Number of players
How long it runs
Date written
February 1996
Mike Young
Interactivities Ink: Sungglebunny Ring Wraiths


This larp was inspired by three characters in the larp The Dimension Next Door, Sauron and the two Snugglebunnies (parodies of syrupy sweet Saturday morning cartoon characters). You see, after Sauron was defeated in the game, he was sent to rehabilitate on the planet of the Snugglebunnies. This game explores that fateful day.

Important notes

This game was written in negative five minutes, from 1:15 AM to 1:10 AM during a larp called The Dimension Next Door. It was part of a project of "instant larps," larps designed to be written in less than an hour and played in only a few minutes. It was later published by Metagame Magazine.

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