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Slash fiction
Number of players
How long it runs
2 hours
Mike Young

Slash is a adult comedy larp based on slash fiction. It was written by Mike Young. It was the winner of the LARPA Small Game Contest 2010, and has been run in the USA, UK and New Zealand.[1]

The game has spawned a number of unauthorised sequels: Slash 2: Suck it Good, Slash 3: Friendship is Slashfic, Slash 4: Agents of S.L.A.S.H, Slash 5: Your Ships are Problematic and Slash 6: The Neverending Fanfic.


Kirk/Spock Snape/Potter Buffy/Angel/Giles/Willow Mary Sue/Everyone

Something strange is going on. A Hellmouth has opened up in scenic Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Groups from all over space and time have come to investigate and try to close it. But it has already released a demon that will need to be defeated. And the demon is causing people to behave... strangely.

Join us as we explore the world of really bad internet fan fiction.

Slash will contain adult themes and situations and is not suitable for players under the age of eighteen


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