Shifting Forest Storyworks

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Shifting Forest Storyworks


Creative interactive live gaming

Palo Alto, CA, USA
Theatre-style larp
J. Li and GD Crowley
Shifting Forest

Shifting Forest Storyworks is a larp publisher in the USA. It was part of the California larp community. It has been suceeded by Vermillion Games.

From 2005, Shifting Forest published a series of "parlour larps", 8-player theatre-style larps.[1] In 2010 these were released free online.[2] The games are:

Each game consists of 8 characters, categorised according to whether they are simple or complex, light or dark, and goal- or emotion-oriented (so all combinations are in play). They use a common rules system based on comparing attack and resistance levels of various abilities, with a bidding system to prevent ties.


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