Shades of Venaya

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Shades of Venya

Southern California
dark fantasy
Conflict resolution system
medium boffer combat, packet based spells
weekend events
Games per year
Created by Andrew Rowe
Participation fee
cost to play the game
Rule system
Arbiter Rules System

Shades of Venaya is a Live Combat, World Course style game. It takes place in a dark fantasy setting and utilizes uses the Arbiter System rules set.

Our current story arc, Echoes of Deicide, involves an army from the continent of Artinia Dyer Tal invading the country of Mythralis. The Artinian army seeks to eradicate all intelligent, non-human life, based on the teachings of their local gods.

All Shades of Venaya games to date have been chapters of Live Effects.


Shades of Venaya is a dark fantasy game set on the world of Venaya. Venaya is a deadly world where sorcery is a science, feared by many, understood by few. Corrupt politicians seek to control numerous lands and kingdoms, while in the shadows, servants of terrible gods bind creatures of nightmares to do their bidding.

The four main areas of Venaya are Mythralis, Tyrenia, Vashen and Vylin Tor


Players in Shades of Venaya create their characters using the Arbiter System. They can choose from hundreds of possible skills at character creation, and discover more as their characters grows and learns secret lore and ancient techniques. Warriors can train in unique, visually distinct combat styles indigenous to the game’s many regions. Sorcerers can choose to wield power from dozens of different Dominions – including traditional sources of power like Fire and Life, or more esoteric choices such as Metal, Sight, and Sound. There are no character classes – all players can customize their characters, blending swordplay with sorcery, subterfuge, and sanctity – or specializing if they choose.

Game history

Three Campaigns have been run in the Shades of Venaya setting to date. Beyond the Veil ran from October 2007 to February of 2010, leading into Shades of Ruin in March of 2010. Shades of Ruin concluded in July of 2011 and was followed by Echoes of Deicide, which is ongoing.

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