Realms of Adventure

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Realms of Adventure


Live The Magic.

Sparta, New Jersey
High Fantasy, Medieval
Conflict resolution system
Light-Touch boffer combat
Full Weekend
Games per year
Participation fee
$20 for new player. $55 at door, $45 for pre-reg.
Rule system
Custom rulebook
Realms of Adventure

Realms of Adventure is a fully immersive, high fantasy, boffer combat larp based in Sparta, New Jersey.


At the edge of the realm of Adraveth, next to the Whispering Woods, is the small town of New Calendale where life is never calm. This frontier town is a scenic area for sure, but it's no destination for tourists. On the outskirts of civilization it's prone to goblinoid attacks, wild beasts invading from the forests, and all manner of shady characters passing through. Not to mention the common appearance of wandering undead and even extra-planar beings. Still, it's rich with opportunity and the town's settlers are making the most of their home. Many adventuring sorts have also taken up residence here for their own reasons. Maybe it's for the excitement. Maybe it's to escape the past. Maybe it's a calling from their faith. Or maybe they simply have nowhere else to go. Hundreds of opportunists seeking a better life for themselves have begun to flock here. The soil is fruitful and wild game and fresh water is plentiful. The common folk and middle classes have come mainly from within the Twin Kingdoms but a fair amount of Solinarian and demi-human immigrants also call New Calendale home. In addition to farmers, laborers, and artisans, New Calendale has attracted a fair amount of adventurers as well. It has become a popular place to restock and resupply for those going on expeditions and the town seemingly has more than it's fair share of "work" for the thrill seeker, fortune hunter, and glory hound alike. The surrounding lands are wild and untamed providing many adventuring opportunities. Rumors of areas of great magic in the area have been buzzing around, but only time will tell if this is indeed true.

History and Basis

Realms of Adventure is a LARP established in 2003, with years in the making, based in Sparta, NJ. We strive to provide a unique, high-quality fully-immersive experience during our gaming weekends. With a basis firmly rooted in high fantasy, the game provides an intricate rules system and fully interactive plotline that players can really get involved in and become meaningful characters. The game features full boffer style combat, elaborate NPCs, and endless possibilities. The game presents players with a multitude of possibilities for their character. Player races to pick from include fantasy staples such as elves, dwarves and pixies as well as races unique to the game such as the reptilian Agorians or cat-like Kelonians. If a fantasy race doesn't interest you, there are more than a half dozen different human cultures available such as Barbarian, Gypsy, and Amazon. The system also presents 8 unique character classes including Mage, Rogue, and Monk and over 100 skills, some of which must be discovered in game. The game also features a robust magic system including several hundred spells, and multiple schools of magic including several "hidden" schools available to the player who searches for them.

Who Can Play RoA?

Realms of Adventure is open to male and female participants, aged 16 and up. Participants aged 16 and 17 must have signed parental consent before participating. People who have been involved in the game range in age from their teens to their 60's, some with teenagers of their own! All are welcome. If you have questions about our game, or how you can get involved please contact us. Realms of Adventure reserves the right to refuse service to any individual for any reason, including but not limited to, in order to preserve the integrity of the game and the safety of all participants.

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